About us

Virtual Spring Airlines was created in 2020 as an independently owned and operated virtual airline, mainly using Airbus A320 series aircraft which is close to real Spring Airlines. What's more, we do allow our pilots customized aircraft and routes, also we have more than 800 routes all across China and Asian Pacific and have 14 bases and overnight points all around China. Across our routes, you can reach almost all Chinese AIP airports. Also, we have routes around Japan for Spring Japan. We focus on the professionalism of VA by providing our crews with a Virtual Spring Airlines exclusive manual for normal or abnormal operations, as well as offering real routes and events, customized route operations, giving more choice to our pilots, using the more modern, intuitive and stable ACARS system from VAMSYS, which offers a rich and diverse range of virtual aviation play while also allowing for better recording of Professional data. Last but not least, we do provide guidance for new pilots who didn't have enough experience with flight online or flying over China, don't be afraid, just come to join us and discover China together!