Chinese New Year - Fly Through the Sky

Want to work for nothing or have nowhere to go? Come to join us and 996 together! The first show of Virtual Spring Airlines during the Chinese New Year (at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit) can't be possible without you! Thanks to Spring Airlines Green Wing Mall's support for this activity, 13 of Spring Airlines' "Fly Through the Sky" series blind boxes will be distributed.
Time: Jan. 27th 2023 11:00z
Event Details: Fly Through the Sky
VATPRC Event: 飞越云端-连飞活动-官方活动

2022 Summer/Autumn Season Route Updates

New routes for the summer/autumn season have been announced and updated, all based on real Spring Airlines schedules and covering almost all AIP airports in China, so enjoy your flight pilots!

Effect time: Mar. 28th - Oct. 30th 2022
Route Map: VAMSYS

Part of the non-procedure airport routes open for trial operation

Some of the domestic airports are not present in the AIP but are present and available for flight use in the simulations. After some test flights using Navigraph data, it was found that some of them can be used for VOR/DME approaches by using the present navigation equipment, so their routes will be added and attempted to operate, initially the specific procedures will be noted in the flight's remark part in Dispatch (VAMSYS) system, current open airports:
ZBZJ (ZZHA in MSFS)/Zhangjiakou/张家口

Effect time: May. 05th - TBD